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Cardboard collection

To you cardboard is probably a waste by-product of your business operation taking up valuable work space, to us at Paperchase itís a resource and can be recycled and can be recycled into new packaging ect. Our regular and frequent collections answer your storage and wasted work space issues.

The BAKKIE COLLECTION SYSTEM (click on the video on our home page)

Is a FREE collection service providing you with an on demand collection of your waste cardboard, PLUS the added bonus of controlled storage, that does not take up work space

In addition to the BAKKIE system we collect baled and loose cardboard when you want it removed...

Cardboard collection
Paperchase proud winners of

"The Race to Recycle
2005 and 2006"

"The Best Recycling Partnership 2006"

Paperchase proud runners up of

"Enviromental Company
of the Year 1999"